Leap this! *Flips the bird*


I finally broke down and bought the Wonder Weeks App.  Anything to help me understand why my daughter cries all. the. fucking. time.

Low and behold – she was going into a new leap.  A leap that is said to last for FIVE WEEKS.

Insert face into palm.

If you aren’t familiar with Wonder Weeks and their Leaps – basically a leap is when your baby reaches a new developmental milestone and they are most often punctuated with an increase in fussy behavior…yay.

So, anyways, needless to say I’m basically doing everything I can to just not lose my freaking mind, and my time here has suffered. And for that I am sorry, because I like it here.

But for those of you that care, I am working on a few different posts that I am hoping to get out to ya’ll within the next few weeks.  They will include:

  • Baby Nest DIY!
    • this will most likely come out in a series, because I hate putting out long posts and this will be a lot of info.
  • Must have list for living with a newborn
    • I will focus on the actual needs, not the “oh look! this is new and fancy! That must mean I have to have it!”
  • Cloth Diapers
    • Ya know, ’cause there aren’t enough of those posts out there…
  • My pregnancy journey
    • Pregnancy is hard yo – I’ll tell it like it is (and maybe expose you to some things you didn’t even know were possible.
  • My Meditation and Mindfulness journey
    • I am leaping into meditation and mindfulness in an attempt to combat all the negative feelings that I have about balancing being a mom, wife, and individual.  Incase you are thinking about this now, check out the app Insight Timer.  It is free and there are thousands of guided meditations that take less than 10 minutes to complete.
    • If you want to be friends I’m Jenn in Colfax (*gasp* now you know my name and where I live!)

That’s all I have planned right now, but I’m sure other wonderful things will pop up as I continue to learn about being the mom of an unhappy baby.



3 thoughts on “Leap this! *Flips the bird*

  1. Hang in there… those f(*&ng Wonder Weeks! Yeah, I discovered them when baby #1 was about 5 months and I literally went, “OHHHH, Now I get it!” Not that the book helped much, but I think just knowing that a baby is crying for a reason – because life is literally overwhelming her – helped me get through it. I stopped blaming my baby and worked harder on coping mechanisms. Things will get better!

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    1. It does feel like just knowing that something is going on gives me a little more patience with her. Like, oh yeah – your not doing this because your hate me and I’m failing, your just growing your brain and stuff.

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  2. ((hugs)) I’m not familiar with the Wonder Weeks, but I hope it helps to know that each stage will eventually pass! Some are so much harder than others!


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